Angelina ✦ Naturalis is born

Welcome to Angelina ✦ Naturalis! Finally I have finished the website for my new business.  Here is a review over the past month of preparing and traveling to collect inspiration and knowledge. Now I am looking forward to an exiting year of traveling, nurturing and creating wonder! Hope you enjoy my services ❤︎

Psst…next wednesday 24-28 of february I will be in Umeå, Holmön, Walking the path of gratitude and creating nourishing beauty for our tummies, tastebuds, eyes, noses, ears and all the rest of our sensors. If you would like to join us there might be a few places available. It is a course where we meet five times over a year (several courses works parallel at different places). Come and join us where we “say yes to the soul and throw us out on our soul’s journey with courage in our hearts”. Book your place at: (Själens kallelse).

Finding inspiration in Italy. I found this amazing old antique shop in Milano, I was completely mesmerized in there. When I will open a place myself (garden, café, old stuff, healing herbals etc) that´s probably what it gonna look like…

Playing with colors and cat. Putting healing plants into jars.

Trying out recipes, drooling over yummy veggies at school posters. A damanhurian etching – The god of Earth, Pan. One of my favorites…just like me he stroll around among flowers and greens , dancing and singing and working for the earth (hopefully I smell better).

A raw cream berry cake…quite delicious I can guarantee. Writing a story from my life based on funny cards. Life is such a beautiful place for creativity, please share yours!

That was a small selection of my journey collecting and preparing inspiration during these last months, hopefully see you all soon, at a course or out in the wild! ♥


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